Referrals, Rebates and Cancellations and Skype Sessions



An intial mental health care plan and referral are required if you wish to claim the 10 session rebates per calendar year.

Anyone can attend sessions without a referral but in this case you would not be entitled to a Medicare rebate.



The current Medicare rebate for a Clinical Psychologist is as follows: $128.40 with a current mental health plan from your G.P., Psychiatrist or Paediatrician. 

Medicare can deposit a rebate directly into your bank account, and private health insurance* returns can be recovered.

*(where your cover is appropriate for the level of service provided)

Non Medicare appointments

Of course if you are not covered by medicare or a mental health plan you can still book to see Sandra Pucci. Private health insurance may cover part or all of the sessions depending on level of coverage. Otherwise full fees apply.



Advanced notice of 24 hours is required for cancellation. If the cancellation is less than 24 hours or no show then a payment of the full fee is required. Due to  cancellations not being a health service (as no health service was provided on the day) cancellations will also incur GST (as a government requirement). The total payment for a cancellation would be your normal session rate plus GST.

In the case of rebates, Medicare and Private Health cover do not pay cancellation or no show fees and neither the rebate nor the GST can be claimed.

Accounts are expected to be settled on day of consultation.

Skype Sessions

Skype sessions are available without the Medicare rebate, some private health insurance companies may provide a rebate.

The advantage of Skype sessions is the ability to continue your therapy journey whilst you enjoy a vacation, visit friends overseas or return home to see relatives. Session duration is 50 mins but will rely on a good internet connection.

Accounts are expected to be settled on day of consultation via bank transfer (see invoice for details) or PayPal click here to go to the PayPal page. (opens a new page)

TAC and WorkSafe Sessions

At Intramind both TAC and Worksafe sessions are possible, but as these sessions are processed differently than Medicare please advise us at the time of your bookings.